Here’s a collection of some of my favorite photographs that I’ve taken. Each of these is available for purchase as a giclée (fancy quality) print by following a link in the photo’s caption to for secure online purchase. Photos can be printed on high quality archival paper (framed or not framed), canvas, metal, or acrylic plate (greeting cards are available, as well). Enjoy!

Frogs, salamanders, lizards, snakes, and friends.

Invertebrates: insects, spiders, crabs, amblypygids, and (many, many) friends.

Emphasis on form and color.

Because everybody loves baby monkeys.

People and people-y things, miscellaneous anthropogenic hijinks. Oh, the humanity.

Our sessile friends.

As much as I like to joke how birds are not as cool as herps, they are actually pretty neat. And as the last remaining branch of the dinosaur lineage, how could they not be cool?

Just plain ol’, straight-up landscapes.

Meditations on impermanence. Please see the post “There’s beauty in everything” for discussion.

Better living through critical thinking and exploration of the natural world.